Your Scars are Your Gift, 
not your Tragedy

Still Beautiful...

I am Kelly... a single Mother, 4x Best-Selling Author, Documentary Producer, Advocate, Artist, International Motivational Speaker and Burn Survivor

Hello, I am Kelly and I help people take the 'T' out of can't.

My general philosophy is that we are not perfect and will have many challenges to deal with in life. Life is all about how we deal with those challenges and move through them.

I am dedicated to helping people love their imperfect selves and to see their tragedies can actually be gifts in their lives.

I help people by speaking on stages, writing books, coaching, online courses and artwork.


You are still beautiful even as your imperfect self...

About Kelly's Life

At the age of 2, Kelly was severely burned over 75% of her body in her childhood home. Her life was forever changed in that moment. It led to numerous surgeries throughout her life. Because her scars are so visible it led to a life of being highly visible, to being bullied, to being shunned, to being avoided because they were uncomfortable knowing how to talk to her, and to her not feeling wanted, needed or even loved.


But she has a beautiful story of discovering for herself that she wanted herself, she needed herself and most of that she loved herself. She became herself and she owned who she was. She was not defined by what happened to her, not by any event that happened to her.

She met someone special and fell in love and had three beautiful children. 24 years later she learned even more about herself and her strength and divorced her husband and became a single mother. Her strength comes from within and knowing who she is. This led to eventually trying painting and the inspiration for this blanket. The image on this blanket is one her first original works and the message is her message to anyone going through similar struggles that she has experienced in her life.


Kelly found a way to go from near-death to success; from the ugly scar-faced girl to the Top 10 Most Powerful and Influential Speaker, Fierce Woman of the Year, Best-Selling Author (4 times), recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and most recently a YWCA Woman of Distinction 2013.


You have to ask yourself how? How did a burn survivor who constantly struggled with rejection, staring and teasing burst through all the negativity in her life to succeed? You have to hear her speak or read her books to learn the stories of how she did it.

Kelly the Speaker

People say...

When Kelly speaks, people listen; she has been through so much adversity in life and her message is so strong that when you listen to her speak, her message resonates with you. She uses her life challenges and sense of humour to show you that your life can be transformed in many ways. 

Kelly's topics are a great fit for women leadership, youth conferences (schools, universities & colleges), women conferences, networking marketing groups, corporate.

Her topics include: Self-Esteem Doesn't Come in a Bottle, Not all Scars are Visible, The Mirror... Your BFF or your Enemy?, You're More Than Enough. Or, she can customize a topic for your audience. 

Jump for Kamp Kids

At this event, Kelly, her family and friends skydived to raise money to give her "You are Loved" Blankets to disadvantaged and disabled kids.

Kelly the Coach

Kelly coaches people to become best-selling authors and speakers. 

Kelly the Artist

Jump for Kamp Kids

At this event, Kelly, her family and friends skydived to raise money to give her "You are Loved" Blankets to disadvantaged and disabled kids.

Kelly became an artist 2 years ago and found a way to get her artwork put on blankets which is how the Blankets for Burn Kids fund was created.

 Erhayat Ozcan,
WH Croxford High School

"Kelly’s presentation on You’re More Than Enough was one that I will remember forever. She was able to connect with every person in the gymnasium because she used her life story to provide lessons on facing adversity, developing self-esteem, and creating a life that you’re happy with.
Kelly was also interactive with the audience as she asked students to text questions. Kelly taught the students to see the positive in every situation, and always remember that our perceptions create our reality. I would strongly recommend every school bring Kelly in to speak with their students and staff." 

Angela Scoble, Chair, Fort McMurray Enbridge Famous 5 Speaker Series

"Working with Kelly was an awesome, positive experience! She embraced the "Famous 5" theme during her presentation at the Enbridge Famous 5 Speaker Series in Fort McMurray, and her inspirational story resonated strongly with our audience. Kelly's courage to love who she is - both the good and the bad - and to be true to her own person, was incredible to witness! Her humour also shone thru and many of her stories had us laughing out loud along side her! I highly recommend Kelly as a motivational speaker for any event - she is a beautiful soul!" 

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for the most wonderful book that I received on Saturday - personally signed by you! You've been a great inspiration to me, as I move forward from a time of much uncertainty in my life. I'm university educated, and have read many books, but never one quite as positive as yours (and I spend all of my help in the self-help section trying to "fix" myself, lol). But maybe I'm really okay just the way I am. And MAYBE I could be even better if I put my mind to it! Thanks so much for being such a big part of a wonderful day in all our lives - there was much "buzz" about you today at the Scarborough Women's Centre in Toronto!"

Joanna Coll 


About Kelly's Life

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