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Tea Blender Sample Kit?


All we ask is that you help us launch this brand new Tea Kit by creating a fun video of you demonstrating blending your favourite teas on your TikTok, FB and/or IG

In the Sample Tea Blender Box you will receive:
  • 5 empty tea bags
  • 5 different kinds of tea:
    • Hibiscus​
    • Cranberry Hibiscus
    • Pomegrante Lavender
    • Tropical Coconut Mango
    • Peach Cocktail
We are looking for creative videos to help us promote our brand new tea blender kits...
Show us and your community how you're using our tea blender kit to create fun, flavorful hot teas & cold teas. Send us an email with your favourite blends so we can feature you.
What's a Tea Blender Kit? Simple... it's 5 different types of teas that you can blend together to make your own favourite tea blend and we are looking for your favourites so we can feature you drinking your fave blend!
Email us your name and address so we can send you your Tea Blender Kit!
But HURRY because we only have 20 samples available to send out this month!
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