The Kelly Falardeau Story

(Speaker | Author | Coach)

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Kelly's message...

"I help people take the 'T' out of Can't




Her Heart

Dedicated to making a difference,  Kelly has used her challenges as a burn survivor as a platform to re-define the definition of beauty.


An international speaker, Kelly prompts youth and adults to celebrate their differences and  embrace their uniqueness.


Her authentic, playful and loving soul is what makes Kelly an engaging speaker - powerful in changing the way we see beauty.

We can all aspsire to feel as beautiful as Kelly Falardeau does. By the grace of one spark - she has been freed from the imprisonment of what other people think. Kelly is a courageous woman who is redefining the truth of what beauty really is.  

                         ~ Trish Ellis

A Family United

Our challenges are never faced alone. Our families walk our journey with us. Kelly's family has been her rock of support, lovingly supporting her in sharing her message and inspiring others to embrace their differences.


A single mother to 3 children. A daughter, Alex, and 2 twin sons, Cody and Parker. Kelly's children have watched their mother walk a difficult path. They have been gifted a single mother and role model, who knows how to transform a challenge into a gift.

Kelly has had an impact! Kelly's son Cody is following in her footsteps. He began his speaking career at the age of 12, and is equally as passionate to help make a difference in this world.

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Kelly has turned her tragedy into a movement that encourages us to embrace our differences. Her compassion for others is the fuel that keeps her moving and touching the lives of many. She is a gift to this world.

Emily Landry

Blankets For Burn Kids

Kelly and her kids are unpacking a shipment of blankets for burn kids.

So far, over 1200 blankets have been gifted to children who have suffered burns across Canada. The program is funded by the support and generosity of the public.

You are LOVED...

You are NEEDED...

You are WANTED...


These 3 sentences are what we all need to hear and believe more of. It's the core of Kelly's Blankets for Burn Kids campaign.


Started in 2016, by Kelly and her kids, Alex, Cody and Parker, Kelly took it upon herself to initiate the creation of the art work (she painted the design) and combined the words she feels are critical for children who have been through the trauma of a serious burn.


Learn how you can support Blankets for Burn Kids and contribute below.